Filling missing values in big dataset using KNN with Turi Create. (For dataset/operation size cannot fit into RAM)This program is inspired by Yohan Obadia, The purpose of building this program is that the original codes by Yohan Obadia is based on Pandas and will cause RAM full for big dataset. Yohan Obadia’s code can be found here:

Details for the main method:

This method will fill all the missing values in the SFrame using 
    KNN. The whole process is designed using Turi Create to handel large
    dataset that cannot be fit into RAM.

sframe:  a turicreate.SFrame object

k:  K nearest neighbors for KNN

return:  sframe without any missing value

NOTICE: The whole set is required to have at least one column without
        any missing value. However, it is recommanded that more than 
        half of the columns should be without any missing value.
NOTICE: The order of the rows is preserved but the order of columns is not.
NOTICE: Please do not include any feature that is identical for each entry,
        ie. ID_NUMBERS...

For information about Turi Create, visit: