MySQL Class Project: Math and CS Majors’ Planner

The linked website is my personal class project for ‘Database System’.

The front end uses mainly PHP and the back end uses mySQL. If you want to test or simply play with the ‘course planner’ system, here are some general guidelines:

  • The major options are limited to math and computer science department’s majors
  • One can only have 1 major/2 majors/1 major and 1 minor
  • Choose your majors/minor, select courses that you have taken and your current year as well as your expected graduate year
  • The website will return a course plan for you to graduate on time or tell you ‘you cannot graduate on time’
  • The website does not consider General Education Requirements
  • If you have only 1 major, the website might suggest a major or minor for you additionally and you can re-plan with the suggested major/minor. All additional courses will be bold

Click here for the project web page

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